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Related article: Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 21:50:46 EST From: Preteen Underwear Subject: After SurgeryFirst of all, I would like to thank all those guys who had enjoyed my stories in the past and took the time to send encouraging words. The positive response was really overwhelming. I hope I was able to stimulate your imagination and help you get your rocks off at the same time.Second, this story, like the ones in the past, contains erotic Preteen Underwear material between two (or more) male characters. If this material is offensive to you, or if you are not 18 years of age or older, kindly leave this webpage now. After SurgeryAs far as guys are concerned, I find myself attracted to some people, and not to some others. See, I'm 24 years old, very athletic, and pretty much straight. I consider myself to be very attractive and desirable. I'm 5'9", brown hair and fair skin, well-developed muscles, and very well mannered. I went to college and was on the baseball team. I have had steady girlfriends since age 15. In fact, I have now been dating Carol for over two years, and I plan to propose to her sometime in the next few months. All in all, very straight, as I said.Yet, there are sometimes some guys whom I find terribly attractive. It doesn't have to be any specific type. Could be one of my teammates, some guy in the mall. And no one particular set of features seems to be important. Just that the whole package seems to appeal to me in a sexual way. Which then drives me totally crazy. Because I know that I am straight, and very happy at that. Yet why is it that sometimes I find myself lusting after guys? And this confuses the hell out of me. Since my straight life was otherwise flawless, I never did anything to satisfy my rare gay urges, nor did I try to give it too much thought.So this story I am about to tell you took place last summer. At work we had put together a football team to play in one of the local small leagues. It seemed a nice way to bring the office together, and pass the time during those summer weekends. I, naturally, was on the team, being one of the more athletic and younger guys in the office. And Carol used to come and cheer at all the games.As luck would have it, I was tackled pretty badly one time and ended up with an injury. My back was hurting a lot, and I was unable to walk for a week. I saw my doctor, who recommended some physical therapy. After we saw the pain was getting worse, I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon, who diagnosed me with a herniated disc. He said that he did not think physical therapy was going to help me much, and that I needed my lower back spine operated on. Reluctantly, I agreed. I needed to be hospitalized for 48 hours afterwards and be on strict bed rest.The date I was given for the surgery happened to be on the same week that Carol was going to be out of town on an important business trip. The day of the surgery turned out to be in the middle of one of the worst mid-summer heat waves that Miami had seen in the past few years. Nonetheless, I showed up to the hospital that day, and after much poking and probing, I had my back surgery. The first night seems a blur, as I was still recovering from anesthesia. The next morning, my daytime nurse showed up at 8 AM and introduced herself. Woman in her mid-forties, obese, and kinda short. But she was knowledgeable, and that is all I cared about.The only thing I had repeated complaints about was the unbearable heat in my room. It turns out that the hospital building was a bit old, and the central air conditioning was not enough to support the whole structure. So I was left in my single room, sweating bullets all day, not being able to even get out of my room and air myself out. I felt like I must have sweated at least a gallon in my bed that day.At 8 PM, my evening nurse showed up. And let me tell you, I knew it was gonna be trouble! His name was Luke, he was probably about 28, and he was absolutely the most attractive guy I have seen. He was rather tall, lean, dirty blonde hair that covered his forehead and played with his eyebrows. You could drown in his gorgeous hazel eyes. He was not too toned, but had a decent muscle definition. Basically, he looked like one of those overpaid models in the Prada and the Armani ads you see in GQ. Except that he was my nurse for the evening, and I found myself lusting after him."Hi, my name is Luke, and I will be taking care of you this evening," as he was eyeballing my bedside chart. "Oh, man, back injury, how did it happen?""Well, uhm, I was playing football with the guys, and got tackled pretty bad.""Ouch! At least it looks like surgery went pretty well." He said this as he was checking my intravenous and other set-up. This let me check him out fully without getting his attention. He was wearing an old plain white T-shirt that had been washed too many times. Yet the way the fabric clinged to his chest, and the outline of his semi-erect nipples, drove me crazy. The shirt was not too long either, and ended at his waistline. He was wearing a polyester pair of white pants, the kind they sell in the uniforms stores. The fabric was a bit translucent on him, and hugged his butt just perfect. As he turned his back to me, I couldn't make out an outline of any underwear! This was already making me excited. He then turned around. I tried to inspect his crotch to see if you could see anything through the fabric. But the pockets and the zipper obstructed my view."I'm really sorry about the heat situation," he continued. "On heat-wave days like this we get really hot in here. Poor thing, you're sweating bullets.""Yeah, I feel like I have been sweating all day.""Did you get some ice chips during the day? I can bring you some to cool off.""That would be great." I tired to keep the conversation superficial. He disappeared and returned with a container of ice chips and a plastic cup. He poured some into a cup and handed it to me."Here, this should cool you off for now, until we figure out what to do with you." As I took the cup from him, I saw a wedding band on his finger, which relieved my anxiety a lot. So he's straight and married; somehow I found this relaxing, and now I could talk to him without being sexually aroused.He then left to see his other patients. He came back an hour later ..."How are we doing with the heat? Do you need more ice chips?""Uhm, I still have some, but it doesn't seem like it is helping. I'm still melting in here.""Listen, I'm really sorry, but the hospital needs to get a new A/C system. Meanwhile let me see how can we help you there." He disappeared as in to get something, yet never came back. Meanwhile I was in my hot room, and now I was constantly thinking about Luke and his lack of underwear under those translucent pants. Normally, I would jerk it off, and have it over with. But I was afraid of being caught in the hospital!Around midnight Luke came back into my room. He had a few towels neatly folded resting on his right shoulder. And he was carrying a wash basin full of ice chips."I figured maybe an ice cold bath would wash off all the sweat and would cool you down. It usually helps all my patients.""Thanks, buddy. I feel so incapacitated, having to lay here motionless in my bed all day. I couldn't even go to the bathroom to wash up.""Yup, so I figured we'll cool you off this way." He then rolled my sheet down to my ankles. He reached behind my neck and untied the only strings which were holding my hospital gown to my body. Now I was petrified!! If he was going to roll down my gown to my ankles too, and leave me totally exposed, I was gonna die! He slowly peeled the gown off my sweaty body and rolled it down. He folded the fabric onto itself, over my chest, and then the belly. Miraculously, he stopped at the waist, and left me covered.He dipped the first towel in the cold ice, and then put it on my forehead. The icy cloth felt so good on my skin. He washed my forehead, then the nose, the cheeks, and the jaw."Man, I needed that all day. You don't know how miserable I felt all day.""Hey, no problem, it's my job to keep you cool. Plus, feeling fresh and relaxed will definitely help you heal faster." As he finished with my jaw, he took another fresh towel, dipped it into the ice, and then folded it nicely into a strip. He lay it on top of both my eyes, forcing them closed."This will cool down your face as I wash your neck and chest."I'm sure he was doing his job in the utmost professional matter, and was a very decent human being. Yet in my demented and twisted mind, I was basically blindfolded as a gorgeous guy was giving me a sponge bath!It sounded like he took another towel and dipped it in the ice. I then felt the icy towel on my neck, as he gently stroked the fabric from side to side. One more dip to keep the towel at freezing level, and now it was on my left chest. He made circular movements with the washcloth, slowly approaching the nipple. As the freezing towel touched my nipple, I felt a stir in my cock. It seemed I could not prevent a boner any more. By now he was on my right chest, and then the nipple, and I was helpless with a raging hard-on. But I didn't dare to take the towel off my eyes and assess the situation, to see if the boner had popped out from under the gown, or if it was making such a tent that it must have been noticed by now.I felt like I was being caught! A married, straight man is trying to help me by cooling me off in my debilitated state, and all I have to give him is my boner! How embarrassing!!!!! This could not be happening.One more dip, and the towel now hit the top of my washboard abs. Except that Luke had probably soaked it too much, as drops of ice water made their way down my belly, hit my pubes, went on either side of my boner and sacs, and ended up in my crack. I felt myself oozing precum into my gown, but I couldn't do anything about it. And I had made the atmosphere so tense that I did not dare say anything. Could it be that he had not noted that monster boner by now?He continued to wash my abs from top to bottom. He stopped at the pubes, just where the gown was covering my cock. I felt instant relief, thinking that he was done. But I heard the dipping sound again. Where is he going now with the towel?His hand, equipped with the towel, slid under my gown. I thought I was going to die. He stroked the towel all the way down to my knee, and started to make his way up my thigh, first washing the outside, and then the inside of my thigh. He carefully avoided my balls, which I thought was very professional.He withdrew his hand, another hip, and he was under the gown again. Except this time he was going to wash my other knee which was across the bed from him. As he moved up the thigh, the undersurface of his arm started to rub on my balls very casually. As he moved further up, the same area of his arm was very casually rubbing on my hard-on. Yet he did stop, and continued to wash my thigh in the same professional manner.He withdrew his hand. Once again I was relieved, thinking it was over. But I heard the sound of another dip. His hand slid under the gown again, and this time the icy cloth engulfed my cock and balls, sending shivers up my spine. Yet the motion was one of cleaning, not stroking. I felt so embarrassed. This nice man was going to provide me with so much relief as in even washing my private parts for me so I can cool down, yet I pop a boner and reveal my attraction to him and the situation.As I was still dazed, the towel on my crotch was very slowly replaced with his bare hands. His hand engulfed my cock, and started with some gentle squeezes, then a few slow strokes. Either he had found a prize, or my boner made him an offer he could not refuse. The towel on my eyes still prevented me from seeing what is going on.I suddenly felt a pair of wet lips on mine. Before I knew it, his tongue was deep within my mouth, as his hand massaged my cock. His tongue explored all the crevices of my mouth. Then he drew away, and let go of my cock. I heard some movement, but couldn't see what he was doing.The next thing I felt was his mouth on my cock. In one motion he Preteen Underwear must have dipped all the way down to take my cock in to its base. He then played with my glans, and proceeded to give me one hell of a blowjob.I couldn't take this anymore, I HAD to see what is going on. I finally gathered the courage to lift the towel/blindfold from my eyes. The sight of him busy on my cock was unbelievable. I looked over, and his own cock was hard, and precum was bathing Preteen Underwear the front of his polyester pants. I tried to reach over and open his zipper, but my back was still hurting too much. My attempts at opening his pants were failing pretty badly. He noticed my limited ability to maneuver, stopped his BJ, and pulled his pants all the way down. He then took them off, with his shoes and socks. Before I had a chance to fully admire the sight, he crawled on Preteen Underwear top of the bed, straddled my face with his groin, and pushed his cock into my mouth. He lay over me in a 69, and took my cock in his mouth again.I now had a cock in my mouth!!! I had no idea what to do with it, so I started sucking on it like a lollipop. Slowly, as I got used to his member, I started to play with it the way he was handling mine. Now we were both sweating bullets. His sweat was collecting from his crack, bathing his balls, dripping down his shaft into my mouth and onto my face.He then proceeded to lick my balls. As he was doing this, he slid down with his body a bit to get a better access. As he did this, his groin slid down to my chest area. Although I no longer had his cock in my mouth, I now had the most awesome view facing me: his butt. His asscheecks were like two perfect cantaloupes, no tan line to be seen. In the middle of that was his crack. His rosebud was clean and well groomed. This site was so inviting to me.I first cupped both his asscheecks and massaged them well. I eased my fingers slowly toward his butthole, much the same way he had eased his hands to my nipples before. I finally reached my target, and with my two index fingers, I circled his hole. His sweat provided all the lubrication I needed. With this, it seemed that Luke lost his muscle control, as he stopped everything, collapsed on my belly, and concentrated on my moves. I circled his hole some more, now that I had his full attention. With no introduction, I pushed one finger up his sphincter. He let out a loud moan. Realizing that he had probably made too much noise, he bent his head and buried his face in the area between my balls and my crack. I then pushed my other finger in his ass, and began massaging his prostate. His moans were muffled within the confines of my asscrack.After I had managed to dilate his sphincter well enough, Luke spontaneously got up from the 69 position. He turned around and gave me a sultry and seductive look. He flipped around in the bed, so that his face now faced me and his groin touched mine. He sat up, stroked my cock a few times with both hands.Without any Preteen Underwear warning, he took a final look at me, and sat on my cock with his ass. His hole was wide enough to accommodate the entire shaft in one push. I was deep down inside him now. He went up and down on my cock, pushing it deeper with every movement. His own cock was at full staff, and it looked like he was being aroused by this even more than I was.His cock kept flopping up and down, hitting his belly and then mine as he got fucked up the ass. We were both sweating like crazy now. His breathing got heavier. He started to pinch both is nipples for extra stimulation.It looked like he was reaching his climax, without even touching his cock. Sure enough he started squirting his gism as he was still getting fucked. His never-ending load shot all over his belly, my belly and even my face. This triggered me too, and I filled his bowel with the biggest load of my cum. Instinctively, he bent over and licked his cum off my face and my belly. He then collapsed on top of me, and now buried his face into my shoulder.We remained motionless and speechless for a while. A few minutes later he got up, without saying a word, and put his pants and shoes back on. He covered me with my gown and sheet."See you later," is all he said, as he winked at me with his gorgeous smile. He then left the room.I did not see his for the rest of the night. The next morning, my daytime nurse was back on her duty. About 10ish she came back into the room and said that the doctors are discharging me home. I had not said anything to Luke, and I didn't know how to find him. I felt that now that I have a fuck-buddy, maybe I could do this more often. But if I asked my daytime nurse about Luke's whereabouts, she may suspect something. So I left, not knowing if I was ever going to see Luke again.I tired to come up with all kinds of games to stop by the hospital during the evening shift to meet Luke again. But nothing ever panned out. That was the best sex of my life, on a hospital bed, with a total stranger, with no chance of meeting him again.I still fantasize about my encounter that night. The EndI hope you found this story stimulating. Any comments or inputs please send email to DrThroataol.comFor those of you who are interested in a complete list of all the stories I have written, please visit my website at care.
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